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Tennessee Titans Training Camp Previews: Cornerback

Heading into camp, what does the Titans cornerback corps look like? The Tennessee Titans are fast approaching camp. We continue our look at the roster with the cornerback group. The corps has obviously undergone some changes this year, both in personnel available and in scheme. The Players #1: Jason McCourty – 65 tackles, 11 passes defensed, 1 forced fumble, 1 fumble
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Patriots Flag Football: Alec’s First Pick

The pick is in, and the plans for the victory parade are underway. We’re only in the first round of the 2014 Patriots Flag Football Draft, and the chips are already starting to fall my way. This was the first year that I didn’t have the first overall pick, and to be honest I was a little worried about what
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Philadelphia Eagles Training Camp 2014 Countdown: What’s Changed in a Year?

Three days left until Eagles training camp! The countdown to when the Philadelphia Eagles report for 2014 Training Camp stands at only three more days. While Bleeding Green Nation is already breaking down the Philadelphia Eagles roster in a position preview series, we’re also going to be running a countdown series that’s more geared towards unique thematic angles. Today we’ll
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Which Cowboys Position Battles At Training Camp Will Be The Most Intriguing To Watch?

Which position battles are the FPWs most interested in seeing unfold? For the first time in recent years of Cowboys training camp there are several starting and key reserve positions open to competition from multiple players. No longer will the primary personnel related questions revolve around whether the team will keep five wide receivers or six, or who the last
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It’s the Sword and the Stone Time Again

A whetstone can either sharpen a sword or dull it. It’s all in the hands of the smith. It’s good when players compete with quality opponents.  They have to push their games up a level to keep from getting shut down.  For years our offense has been the side that’s pushed the defense.  That transition began in training camp in
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Packers 2014 Roster Predictions: No Competition on Special Teams

APC finishes its 2014 preview by taking a look at the teams’ punter, kicker and long snapper, while also casting an eye towards the coverage and return teams. To prepare for training camp, we will be breaking down every player on the Green Bay Packers‘ 90-man roster in more detail, looking at contract terms and 2013 statistics, before we make our
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Geno Smith Gets Misquoted by Ian Rapoport

A few weeks ago, we covered a story in which Geno Smith was apparently boldly proclaiming the New York Jets could get to the Super Bowl. That story is apparently false. About my 7/6 @GenoSmith7 “why not us?” tweet: Geno was reading copy for an NFL marketing spot. It was inadvertently transcribed as his quote — Ian Rapoport (@RapSheet) July 22,
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Patriots Flag Football: Greg’s First Pick

With the first pick in the 2014 Patriots Flag Football Draft, Greg Knopping has selected cornerback Darrelle Revis. In 2013, I was able to win the Patriots flag football championship with a simple philosophy: offense, offense, and offense. I started with the selection of Danny Amendola, and followed up with the likes of Aaron Dobson and Josh Boyce. This year,
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The Patriots Running Behind Sebastian Vollmer

The return of right tackle Sebastian Vollmer might be the least heralded news of the off-season. What does he bring to the table? The Patriots right tackle Sebastian Vollmer broke his leg halfway through the 2013 season and was replaced by Marcus Cannon. The 30-year-old and former 2nd-team-All-Pro tackle Vollmer was just another loss in a season of injuries- and
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The Top 20 Patriots Moments of 2013: Number 3

Our offseason countdown continues with the Number 3 Most Memorable Patriots Moment of 2013. It seems that every year, the New England Patriots come into a game the heavy favorites and are almost a lock to chalk up another win only to completely crap the bed and play some of their worst football of the year. And it would also
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