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A Weekend Celebration in Canton – Part II


(This originally ran on BTSC in August, 2010. This is the second of a two-part series highlighting our trip. You can read Part I here. Happy Father’s Day, Dad! – nc)

Not that the Hall wasn’t without a fault or two. My ever-astute father noticed a typo in a display commemorating Packers WR Don Hutson. His last name was spelled “Huston.” Not that those kinds of mistakes ruin anything – they appear in this column space plenty often. It was almost the imperfection that made the place perfect.

A sign near a small movie theater advertised a viewing of a show filmed from the sidelines of Super Bowl XLIII. My dad was dragging by this point, and would easily have agreed to sit anywhere for an hour. We waited in line for the next show with some more Cowboys fans, and a Giants fan and a Patriots fan. I couldn’t help but throw a comment out about David Tyree, and where his plaque was, the one commemorating the catch that ruined the “perfect” season.

The Giants fan, in heavy Brookyn-ese, laughed and said it was a good question. The Patriots fan just shook his head, mumbled something about how much he hated Tyree. Always a fun bit.

Turns out, the sign was wrong, and the movie was of Super Bowl XLIV. There were quick shots and a few sound bites of every team, but the focus of the movie was on the Saints‘ upset of Indianapolis. The picture was very sharp, the camera angles were very tight, making the action much stronger than perhaps the viewer would normally get. But it was still two teams other than Pittsburgh. That didn’t necessarily drop my interest level in it, but I likely would have been standing on my chair chanting “here we go Steelers” if it was Super Bowl XLIII. As it was, I watched passively, and my dad fell asleep.

It was really a great game, though, and Steelers fans can relate somewhat to Saints fans. The drama that game provided, the resiliency of the opponent reminded me of the Cardinals. If I was a Saints fan, Tracy Porter pointing to the stands behind the end zone as he returned a shocking Peyton interception for a championship-clinching touchdown would be among the greatest moments of my life.

I left really looking forward to the season. Only the NFL can hype its product in such a way that makes you forget all the negatives of the past when you consider the potential positives of the future. I think everyone left that theater thinking their team would make at least a run at Super Bowl XLV.

After a quick tour around the gift shop, we headed back to Akron, in search of greasy food and cold beer. We had to check into our hotel first, though. I don’t travel for work nearly as often as my father   

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