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BBV 2013 Community Mock Draft: With 17th pick, Pittsburgh Steelers select …


We are creeping very close to the New York Giants selection at No. 19 in our 2013 Big Blue View Community Mock Draft. Here, we have the 17th overall selection, which belongs to the Pittsburgh Steelers. Playing the role of GM for the Steelers in ‘ross_stephen.’ His selection for Pittsburgh is …

Damontre Moore, DE/OLB, Texas A&M

‘ross_stephen’ explains:

The Steelers seem to have more holes in their line up than in recent years.They have a big need at RB, with Mendenhall now gone. They have an aging D, and need to replenish. The O-Line really needs some help. TE is old, and they just lost their number one WR.

So there are a lot of players in play at this pick.

There is no RB good at this position, plus they are looking to get RB Bell later in the draft. They have drafted 4 OLs in the last 3 years (Round 1-2), The hope is that DeCastro shows his skill this year. WR Patterson is interesting, but they will probably role with Brown as their No. 1 and hope Sanders stays.

So we turn to the defense.

The front seven needs more play makers with Harrison’s release, a pass rushing DE/OLB is really a good idea. If Jones was still here – easy pick. I’m tempted to take Vaccaro, to solidify the back four, but the need in the front seven here is too big in my opinion, and the depth at OLB is so shallow. The pick is DaMontre Moore, DE/OLB Texas A&M

Regardless of his combine work, his game tape is all hustle and play maker. The Steelers locker room will keep him in line and take care of his “Partying” reputation. He will chase plays down and chase the QBs. Something this Defense needs.

Valentine’s View: Probably a good pick for the Steelers, who do need to replace James Harrison. Moore is another guy who is considered a possibility for the Giants at 19 if he is there. To be honest, though, if it’s me sitting in the room and the possibility of picking Moore is there someone is going to have to talk me into it. Without tipping my hand, let’s just say it’s unlikely Moore would have been my pick at 19.

BBV Mock Draft, Round 1
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  4. Philadelphia EaglesDion Jordan, DE, Oregon [Explanation]
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  6. Cleveland BrownsChance Warmack,   

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