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Jarvis Jones feels like he belongs with the Steelers


Dejan Kovacevic of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review had a good run on twitter today highlighting his impressions from the Steelers first rookie minicamp. This gem signals what many Jarvis Jones supporters have been saying since well before the draft — this kid was born to be a Steeler.

It is hard to pick any linebacker number when you play for the Steelers and not be compared to a great player with the same number who came before you, but Jarvis Jones looks like he might have what it takes to fill in as the next great #95 for the Steel City.

Also on Jones, one quote doesn’t make or break a man’s character, but Jones started off on the right foot showing that he knows his role on this team and that the Steelers make you earn your spot, regardless of your draft position.

Jones wasn’t the only player Kovacevic talked about today.

LeVeon Bell acknowledged he will be used as a three-down back by this team, and will be expected to run outside the tackles as much as inside.

Finally, this tweet excited me.

I’m not sure what Kovacevic saw to make him refer to Shamarko Thomas as a “shark,” but I would love that analogy to ring true (Jim Wexell similarly echoed Kovacevic’s praise, albeit with more colorful language). More from Kovacevic’s observations including interviews can be found on his blog.

It looks like Pittsburgh fans are going to find a lot of personal favorites in this draft.


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  1. Dejan Kovacevic says:

    Thanks for the fair accounting of the coverage and for the link! Great professionalism and a nice site.

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